Video: Managing Grasslands on the Anderson Ranch

(July 18, 2018) Having worked with the NRCS to develop a grazing plan, Dan Anderson describes some of the techniques implemented and the benefits to his land. For example, he began with six pastures and increased to sixty to allow for more rest for the grass. This allows better growth of the root system, which in turn keeps more water in the soil.

This is important because the ranch receives only 14 inches of precipitation on average per year. Anderson’s careful, science-based management ensures robust grass year after year while enabling him to dramatically increase livestock numbers and their time grazing on grass rather than supplemental feed. Click here to watch the short video.

The video series, Our Amazing Grasslands, was produced by the South Dakota Grassland Coalition and many partners. Every month in 2018, a new video is released featuring ranching and farming families who keep their soils and grasslands healthy for their operation, wildlife, and future generations.