Fall 2014

Closing Out and Looking Ahead

As we wrap up another year, you can look back on 2014 and identify a number of things for which you are thankful. As Casey Stemler looks at 2014, through the lens of the PPJV Coordinator, he is thankful for our many committed partners who ARE the PPJV and for the many supporters of prairie conservation.

Partner Profile: South Dakota Dept. of Game, Fish, and Parks

SDGFP recognizes that the majority of wildlife habitat is held by private landowners, making successful partnerships with producers critical. In recent years one of its most successful conservation efforts has been the James River Watershed Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program.

Minnesota Benefiting Pollinators

In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature passed legislation (H.F 976) that included directives requiring the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to establish a pollinator habitat program.

Revising the PPJV Implementation Plan

The backbone of each migratory bird joint venture is its implementation plan. The plan guides the actions and investments taken by the joint venture. The time is now right for the PPJV to move forward with revising and updating the 2005 PPJV Implementation Plan.

A Tool for Partners: The PPJV Fact Sheet

The fact sheet introduces the region, the joint venture, its solid science, its commitment to prairie conservation, the involvement of landowners, and the conservation benefits of the joint venture's work. These fact sheets are designed to be a resources for PPJV staff, Management Board, Technical Committee, and partners.