Summer 2020

Welcome New Staff and Partners to the PPJV

The end of 2020 is in sight. In an unprecedented year of pandemic and social unrest, the Prairie Pothole Joint Venture (PPJV) partnership continues to persevere, albeit from our home offices with ever-present Zoom meetings. Our partnership, as well as all Migratory Bird Joint Ventures, were born of challenges, and we have found many opportunities therein. I believe it is ever more important to celebrate and reflect on successes in these uncertain times and reaffirm our ability to find opportunity in the greatest of challenges.

Welcoming Josh Vest, Our New Science Coordinator

Josh began working as the Science Coordinator for the PPJV in January this year. While Josh may be new to the PPJV partnership, he has extensive experience working with Joint Ventures. Prior to joining the PPJV, Josh served as the Science Coordinator for the Intermountain West Joint Venture (IWJV) for 10 years. While there, much of his work was focused on conservation planning as well as technical transfer of science and JV objectives to conservation programs, particularly with NRCS.

Welcoming Lucinda Morris, Our New Communications Specialist

Lucinda joined the PPJV team as a Communications Specialist in August, a position which was made possible thanks to the partnership of Ducks Unlimited and NRCS. In large part, her mission here is two-fold: 1) bolster internal communications so we are more connected and more aware of the goings-on within the PPJV; and 2) expand external communications so we can bring our science to a broader constituency and build support for wetland and grassland habitat conservation at scale.

A New NRCS Partnership in Montana

U.S. Department of Agriculture conservation programs in the Prairie Pothole Region are critical for the Prairie Pothole Joint Venture (PPJV) to achieve our shared goals and objectives identified in the 2017 Implementation Plan and our state-level step down plans. A new agreement between the PPJV and the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) paves the way to strengthen this important partnership.