2017 Implementation Plan

2017 Implementation Plan

The 2017 Prairie Pothole Joint Venture (PPJV) Implementation Plan builds upon the solid foundation developed by the 2005 PPJV Implementation Plan and past strategic plans. The 2017 Plan primarily differs from past plans by selecting new priority species, including 4 upland game bird species; incorporating new diving duck models and updated dabbling duck models; emphasizing grassland bird conservation; establishing hunter retention and recruitment goals; and including State Tactical Plans developed by each partner state.

At the core of the PPJV success are our partners. Without committed and engaged partners working within the PPJV partnership, our conservation impact across the region would be greatly reduced.


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Download the Executive Summary of the 2017 Implementation Plan here:
Executive Summary

The full contents are also available. Click on each section below to download separately:

Upfront materials (Cover page, table of contents, signature page)

Section 1: Plan Foundation

Section 2: Waterfowl Plan

Section 3: Shorebird Plan

Section 4: Waterbird Plan

Section 5: Landbird Plan


For State Tactical Plans, click below:




North Dakota

South Dakota