Papers: Climate Change

Papers: Climate Change

Prerequisites for Understanding Climate-Change Impacts on Northern Prairie Wetlands

This paper outlines several information needs for building more informative models to predict climate change effects on PPR wetlands. Published in “Wetlands” in 2016.

Waterfowl Conservation in the US PPR: Confronting the Complexities of Climate Change

This paper uses a 40-year dataset of pond counts in the PPR to test hypotheses about climate-related drying. Published in “PLOS One” (2014).

An Assessment of Re-Directing Breeding Waterfowl Conservation Relative to Predictions of Climate Change

This paper used 24 years of breeding waterfowl and wetland monitoring data, along with land value and restoration cost data, to conduct an economic assessment of the biological risk of refocusing waterfowl conservation efforts eastward due to recent projections of climate change. Published in “Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management” in 2012.