Papers: Ecosystem Services

Papers: Ecosystem Services

Prairie Strips Improve Biodiversity and the Delivery of Multiple Ecosystem Services from Corn–Soybean Croplands

This paper quantifies the multiple effects of integrating strips of native prairie species amid corn and soybean crops, with prairie strips arranged to arrest run-off on slopes. Published in “Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences” in 2017.

Strategic Grassland Bird Conservation Throughout the Annual Cycle

This paper presents results of a Structured Decision Making workshop focused on linking social and economic drivers of landscape change to grassland bird outcomes. Published in “PLOS One” (2015).

USDA Conservation Program Effects on Wetland Ecosystem Services

This paper quantifies changes in ecosystem services resulting from wetland restoration activities funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Published in “Ecological Applications” in 2011.

Valuing Ecosystem and Economic Services

This paper compares the biophysical and economic values of lands enrolled in Conservation Reserve and Wetland Reserve Programs and cropland to assess environmental and economic tradeoffs under different policy-relevant land-use scenarios over a 20-year period. Published in “Ecological Economics” in 2011.