Papers: Energy Development

Papers: Energy Development

Avoidance of Unconventional Oil Wells and Roads Exacerbates Habitat Loss for Grassland Birds

This paper examined grassland bird response to unconventional oil extraction sites and associated roads in North Dakota.  Published in “Biological Conservation” (2015).

Effects of Wind-Energy Facilities on Breeding Grassland Bird Distribution

This paper tested grassland bird density changes one year and 2-5 years after construction of wind-energy facilities. Published in “Conservation Biology” (2015).

Influence of Wind Turbines on Presence of Willet, Marbled Godwit, Wilson's Phalarope, and Black Tern on Wetlands in the PPR of ND and SD

This paper assessed the occurrence of waterbirds and shorebirds at two wind energy sites. Published in “Waterbirds” in 2013.

The Effects of a Large-Scale Wind Farm on Breeding Season Survival of Female Mallards and Blue-winged Teal in the PPR

This paper assessed the effects of wind energy on breeding female mallard and blue-winged teal. Published in “The Wildlife Society Bulletin” in 2013.

Effect of Wind Energy Development on Breeding Duck Densities in the Prairie Pothole Region

This paper explored the effects of wind energy development on breeding duck pair use of wetlands in proximity to wind turbines. Published in “The Journal of Wildlife Management” in 2012.

Win-Win for Wind and Wildlife: A Vision to Facilitate Sustainable Development

This paper assesses the results of a disturbance-focused wind development strategy. Published in “PLoS ONE” in 2011.