Papers: Evaluation

Papers: Evaluation

An Integrated Strategy for Grassland Easement Acquisition in the Prairie Pothole Region, USA

This paper assesses the regional patterns of easement acquisition, evaluated the targeting strategy, and developed an easement targeting Geographic Information System. Published in “Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management” (2013).

USDA Conservation Program Effects on Wetland Ecosystem Services

This paper quantifies changes in ecosystem services resulting from wetland restoration activities funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Published in “Ecological Applications” in 2011.

Valuing Ecosystem and Economic Services

This paper compares the biophysical and economic values of lands enrolled in Conservation Reserve and Wetland Reserve Programs and cropland to assess environmental and economic tradeoffs under different policy-relevant land-use scenarios over a 20-year period. Published in “Ecological Economics” in 2011.

A Sampling Design Framework for Monitoring Secretive Marshbirds

This paper proposes a framework for a sampling plan for monitoring marshbird populations in the contiguous 48 states. Published in “Journal of the Waterbird Society” in 2009.

The Farm Bill and Duck Production in the PPR: Increasing the Benefits

This paper compared distribution of current CRP contracts relative to distribution of upland-breeding ducks and explored the impact of breeding duck populations if certain wetlands were exempt from the Swampbuster provision. Published in “The Wildlife Society Bulletin” in 2006.