Effects of Wind-Energy Facilities on Breeding Grassland Bird Distribution

This paper tested grassland bird density changes one year and 2-5 years after construction of wind-energy facilities. Published in “Conservation Biology” (2015).

Using Cropland Conversion Risk to Guide Sprague's Pipit Conservation

This paper modeled pipit distribution across its breeding range, described factors shaping distribution, and assessed vulnerability to future grassland loss. Published in “Biological Conservation” (2015).

Cropland Expansion Outpaces Agricultural and Biofuel Policies

This paper tracked crop-specific expansion across the US and identified types, amounts, and locations of all land converted to and from cropland in 2008-2012. Published in “Environmental Research Letters” (2015).

Strategic Grassland Bird Conservation Throughout the Annual Cycle

This paper presents results of a Structured Decision Making workshop focused on linking social and economic drivers of landscape change to grassland bird outcomes. Published in “PLOS One” (2015).

Land use and wetland drainage affect water levels and dynamics of remaining wetlands

This paper evaluates the impacts of consolidated drainage on depressional wetlands. Published in “Ecosphere” (2015).

Building the Foundation for International Conservation Planning for Breeding Ducks

This paper models breeding duck populations across the entire PPR (US and Canada). Published in “PLOS One” (2015).

Annual Migratory Patterns of Long-billed Curlews

This paper studying the annual migratory patterns of Long-billed Curlews shows the connection between the PPJV and areas in Canada and Mexico. Published in “The Condor” (2014).

Waterfowl Conservation in the US PPR: Confronting the Complexities of Climate Change

This paper uses a 40-year dataset of pond counts in the PPR to test hypotheses about climate-related drying. Published in “PLOS One” (2014).

An Integrated Strategy for Grassland Easement Acquisition in the Prairie Pothole Region, USA

This paper assesses the regional patterns of easement acquisition, evaluated the targeting strategy, and developed an easement targeting Geographic Information System. Published in “Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management” (2013).

Influence of Wind Turbines on Presence of Willet, Marbled Godwit, Wilson's Phalarope, and Black Tern on Wetlands in the PPR of ND and SD

This paper assessed the occurrence of waterbirds and shorebirds at two wind energy sites. Published in “Waterbirds” in 2013.