The Effects of a Large-Scale Wind Farm on Breeding Season Survival of Female Mallards and Blue-winged Teal in the PPR

This paper assessed the effects of wind energy on breeding female mallard and blue-winged teal. Published in “The Wildlife Society Bulletin” in 2013.

Distribution of Duck Broods Relative to Habitat Characteristics in the PPR

This paper investigated ecological relationships between occupancy of wetland basins by broods and habitat characteristics to examine if habitat-specific detection was a concern.  Published in “The Journal of Wildlife Management” in 2013.

State of the U.S. Prairie Pothole Region

This paper includes a comprehensive assessment of the attainability of landscape-level conservation planning goals in the United States portion of the Prairie Pothole Region. Published in “The Wildlife Society Bulletin” in 2013.

Effect of Wind Energy Development on Breeding Duck Densities in the Prairie Pothole Region

This paper explored the effects of wind energy development on breeding duck pair use of wetlands in proximity to wind turbines. Published in “The Journal of Wildlife Management” in 2012.

Factors Influencing Presence and Detection of Breeding Shorebirds in the PPR of ND, SD, and MT, USA

This paper assessed relationships between shorebird detections and daily timing, seasonal timing, and survey type. Published in “Wader Study Group Bulletin” in 2012.

An Assessment of Re-Directing Breeding Waterfowl Conservation Relative to Predictions of Climate Change

This paper used 24 years of breeding waterfowl and wetland monitoring data, along with land value and restoration cost data, to conduct an economic assessment of the biological risk of refocusing waterfowl conservation efforts eastward due to recent projections of climate change. Published in “Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management” in 2012.

USDA Conservation Program Effects on Wetland Ecosystem Services

This paper quantifies changes in ecosystem services resulting from wetland restoration activities funded by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Published in “Ecological Applications” in 2011.

Valuing Ecosystem and Economic Services

This paper compares the biophysical and economic values of lands enrolled in Conservation Reserve and Wetland Reserve Programs and cropland to assess environmental and economic tradeoffs under different policy-relevant land-use scenarios over a 20-year period. Published in “Ecological Economics” in 2011.

Spatially Explicit Habitat Models for Prairie Grouse

This paper discussed how spatially explicit models can be used to guide prairie grouse conservation. Published in “Studies in Avian Biology” in 2011.

Win-Win for Wind and Wildlife: A Vision to Facilitate Sustainable Development

This paper assesses the results of a disturbance-focused wind development strategy. Published in “PLoS ONE” in 2011.