Spatial and Temporal Variation in Wet Areas of Wetlands in the PPR of ND and SD

This paper assessed spatial and temporal patterns in wet areas of wetland basins.  Published in “Wetlands” in 2010.

Delineating Grassland Bird Conservation Areas in the U.S. PPR

This paper describes how Grassland Bird Conservation Areas were defined using a conceptual model. Published in “Journal of Fish and Wildlife Management” in 2010.

A Sampling Design Framework for Monitoring Secretive Marshbirds

This paper proposes a framework for a sampling plan for monitoring marshbird populations in the contiguous 48 states. Published in “Journal of the Waterbird Society” in 2009.

Area Sensitivity in North American Grassland Birds: Patterns and Processes

This paper presents information on area sensitivity in grassland birds and explains how it can be used for conservation. Published in “The Auk” in 2009.

The Farm Bill and Duck Production in the PPR: Increasing the Benefits

This paper compared distribution of current CRP contracts relative to distribution of upland-breeding ducks and explored the impact of breeding duck populations if certain wetlands were exempt from the Swampbuster provision. Published in “The Wildlife Society Bulletin” in 2006.

Sensitivity Analyses of the Life Cycle of Midcontinent Mallards

This paper finds that vital rates that best explain the variation in midcontinent mallard population growth rate were nest success, survival of adult females during the breeding season, and survival of ducklings. Published in “Journal of Wildlife Management” in 2002.