Reports: Birds

Reports: Birds

A Full Annual-Cycle Conservation Strategy for Sprague’s Pipit, Chestnut-collared and McCown’s Longspurs, and Baird’s Sparrow

This conservation strategy was developed with over 20 state, federal, and NGO partners across the Great Plains of North America, and with support from the Prairie Pothole Joint Venture Technical Committee. The goal of this conservation strategy is to outline information and recommended actions needed to slow, and ideally reverse, observed population declines for four grassland nesting birds of conservation concern.

2015 Annual Highlights Report

This report highlights accomplishments of the PPJV partnership in 2015.  Published by the PPJV in 2016.

Assessing the Biological Benefits of the USDA Conservation Reserve Program for Waterfowl and Grassland Passerines

This report presents findings of a spatial analysis for targeting the Conservation Reserve Program to maximize benefits for migratory birds. Published by the PPJV in 2015.

Distribution and Derivation of the Blue-winged Teal Harvest

Blue-winged Teal are the second most abundant duck species in North America and are widely distributed. Published in 2013.

Minnesota Prairie Conservation Plan

This conservation plan provides a strategy for native prairie, grasslands, and wetlands in the Prairie Region of western Minnesota. Published in 2010.

Government Accountability Office Report on the PPR

This report to the House Committee on Appropriations finds that at the current pace of acquisitions the US Fish and Wildlife Service is unlikely to achieve its habitat protection goals for migratory birds. Published in 2007.