Reports: Habitat

Reports: Habitat

Grassland Assessment of North American Great Plains Migratory Bird Joint Ventures

The Prairie Pothole Joint Venture (JV) conducted a grassland assessment, in coordination with seven other North American Migratory Bird JVs within the Great Plains. The goal of this assessment was to provide explicit planning and conservation delivery datasets to assist JV partnerships to stem grassland losses and avian population declines.

2015 Annual Highlights Report

This report highlights accomplishments of the PPJV partnership in 2015.  Published by the PPJV in 2016.

Status and Trends of Prairie Wetlands in the United States 1997 to 2009

This report estimates acres of wetland and rate of loss in the Prairie Pothole Region. Published by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in 2014.

North American Grasslands Alliance: A Framework for Change

The Commission on Environmental Cooperation supported a project that established the North American Grasslands Alliance. Through a series of meetings with partners and experts they developed this report. Published in 2013.

Minnesota Prairie Conservation Plan

This conservation plan provides a strategy for native prairie, grasslands, and wetlands in the Prairie Region of western Minnesota. Published in 2010.

Climate Change and Conservation in the PPR: A HAPET Update

This report describes how the HAPET office is addressing climate change effects on wetlands and wildlife in the PPR. Published in 2010.

Government Accountability Office Report on the PPR

This report to the House Committee on Appropriations finds that at the current pace of acquisitions the US Fish and Wildlife Service is unlikely to achieve its habitat protection goals for migratory birds. Published in 2007.