Benefits of the Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program to Breeding Ducks

We assessed results of wildlife extension agreements made by the Partners for Fish and Wildlife program in the U.S. PPR.

Impact of Wind Energy Development on Breeding Duck Pairs in the PPR

We conducted wetland surveys to assess the impact of wind energy development on five species of breeding ducks in the Dakotas.

Effects of Climate Change on Waterfowl and Their Conservation in the Prairie Pothole Region

The HAPET office is assessing potential effects of climate change on waterfowl conservation in the region.

Four-Square-Mile Breeding Waterfowl Survey

The Four-Square-Mile Survey is recognized by the PPJV as the primary method to monitor the abundance, distribution, and productivity of breeding waterfowl in the JV.

Monitoring and Conservation Planning for Upland-nesting Shorebirds

Data from surveys of upland-nesting shorebirds were used to understand habitat characteristics influencing shorebird presence and to model occurrence.

Evaluating Fundamental Assumptions of PPJV Conservation Planning: Duck Recruitment

We evaluated the role of source and sink habitats for waterfowl in relation to landscape context to examine whether we are achieving the biological return we expect.

Minnesota Prairie Monitoring

We are developing a monitoring program to help us determine how effective our conservation activities are at increasing the diversity and abundance of wildlife populations.