What We Are

Photo credit: Fred Greenslade/Delta Waterfowl

What We Are

Formed in 1987, the PPJV is one of the original six bird habitat Joint Ventures. Joint Ventures are self-directed, collaborative regional partnerships that conserve habitat for priority bird species, other wildlife, and benefits to people. Nationwide, 18 habitat-based Joint Ventures address the bird habitat conservation issues found within their geographic area. Additionally, three species-based Joint Ventures, all with an international scope, work to further the scientific understanding needed to effectively manage specific bird species. JVs have a 31-year history of success in leveraging public and private resources to bring together partners and focus on regional conservation needs.

The PPJV is a voluntary, self-directed partnership that functions as a network of partners at the local, regional, national and international levels. The partnership involves federal and state agencies, non-governmental conservation groups, private landowners, scientists, universities, policy makers, resource managers, corporations interested in conservation, and others interested in prairie habitat conservation.

JVs work for one simple reason: because partners have realized that they can achieve more through collaboration than they can accomplish by acting alone.

Partnerships are the engines that drive the JV success.