Science Partnerships

The PPJV’s conservation achievements are rooted in a long history of collaboration with state, federal, and NGO partners committed to applied landscape-scale science in the PPR. One of the functions of the PPJV Technical Committee is to facilitate science partnerships that address the information needs of natural resource managers in the PPR, who inform important conservation programs for bird habitats.

The PPJV partnership has greatly benefited from long-standing partnerships with the USFWS Habitat and Population Evaluation Team (HAPET) and the USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (NPWRC). These scientists provide critical science capacity to the PPJV by offering technical assistance, monitoring and evaluating progress toward PPJV goals and objectives, and developing applied science to further strengthen the science foundation of the PPJV Implementation Plan. Cooperative science efforts between HAPET, NPWRC, state wildlife agencies, NGOs, universities, and federal partners such as USDA and BLM are the hallmark of the PPJV’s ability to deliver meaningful conservation in the dynamic and rapidly changing PPR landscapes.