Benefits to Society

Photo credit: Tina Shaw/USFWS

Benefits to Society

Many people benefit from prairie conservation -- from children enjoying environmental education (above) to duck hunters to wildlife watchers to landowners. Learn more about the benefits through their voices below.

"The Prairie Pothole Region is one of the best bird nesting grounds in the world. We must protect this unique landscape if we want to continue to have great fall migrations of waterfowl, shorebirds and other species. History has shown us that duck hunters form the backbone of conservation support for keeping this area intact. The great philanthropic nature of waterfowl hunters from across the country helps conservation partners in the Prairie Pothole Region keep grasslands and wetlands on the land to fuel fall flights for generations to come."

- Duck hunter in the PPR
"Birding has been a lifelong passion. Most recently, a number of these trips have focused on filling gaps in my North American life list. Recognizing that the Prairie Pothole Region, with its unique mosaic of wetlands and short-grass prairies, was a habitat that held a number of special species not on my list, we visited North Dakota.

We were not disappointed! The Prairie Pothole Region is unique and rich in wildlife. I had not quite expected the sheer beauty of the rolling, treeless topography, punctuated with innumerable wetlands of all sizes that seemed to roll on forever. One could only imagine what it was like before row-crop agriculture became the dominant upland habitat. And 7 life birds!! No small feat for a 65-year-old birder!!!!

The Conservation community, broadly defined, must do everything it can to protect and expand this most special part of America’s rich habitat heritage."

– Birder from New Jersey