JV8 Central Grasslands Initiative

Photo credit: Dan Casey

JV8 Central Grasslands Initiative

North American native grasslands are disappearing.

When we lose our grasslands, we lose not only birds but also pollinators, working lands, opportunities for hunting and outdoor recreation, carbon sequestration, and water security. These losses adversely impact rural communities and economies across the continent.

Migratory Bird Joint Ventures have learned how to turn things around for wetland birds and are now applying that strategy to grassland birds.

Through the JV8 Central Grasslands Initiative, eight Joint Ventures — representing over 63 federal, state, provincial, non-profit, and industry conservation partners — are collaborating to stem grassland losses and the negative impacts to migratory birds. The Joint Ventures are working together across the breeding, migration, and wintering habitats used by migratory birds during their annual cycle in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico.

To date, the Joint Ventures have completed a North American Great Plains Grassland Assessment to understand the extent of undisturbed native grasslands across the tri-national geography. The next step is to hire a Conservation Director to drive the creation and implementation of the JV8 strategy and coordinate conservation efforts to address causes of declining grassland bird populations across the eight Joint Ventures.

We did it for wetlands and ducks; now we're doing it for grasslands and grassland birds.

The JV8 Central Grasslands Initiative is built on the power of partnerships and their success in conserving wetland birds; and now, through this initiative, the Joint Ventures are bringing people and resources together to scale up successful models of grasslands conservation to meet targeted grassland goals while leveraging federal dollars for maximum effectiveness.

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