On Private Lands

Photo credit: Casey Stemler/USFWS

On Private Lands

Eighty-five percent of the land in the Prairie Pothole Region is privately owned. Thus, landowners play an essential role in wildlife habitat conservation in the region. Thankfully, there are private landowners in the PPJV who want to implement conservation actions, whether perpetual conservation easements, habitat restoration, or specific management practices to benefit both their operation and improve wildlife habitat. These landowners recognize conservation programs on private lands can improve the soil, water, and wildlife resources and be value added to a producer’s operation.

Voluntary conservation programs offered by PPJV partners contribute to the preservation of traditional rural lifestyles by helping keep these families on the land. Payments for wetland and grassland easements, technical assistance and new management practices provided by PPJV partners enhance productivity and profits. These programs can provide significant economic benefits to private landowners and enhance their financial bottom line. In some cases, conservation programming can aid individual producers by optimizing investment on high quality lands while receiving support for other services on more marginal lands.

PPJV partners’ program assistance includes wetland restoration assistance, perpetual easements, shorter-term easements, managed grazing systems, soil erosion reduction programs, improvement of water quality by grassland restoration, and encouragement of minimum-till and no-till farming. This conservation funding is a win-win for the people and wildlife of the region.

In addition to the support through the Farm Bill, these PPJV partners offer support:

USFWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program for Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota

USFWS Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program for Minnesota and Iowa

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks

North Dakota Game and Fish Department

South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks

Iowa Department of Natural Resources

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Pheasants Forever

Ducks Unlimited

The Nature Conservancy