Management Board

by Casey Stemler/USFWS

Management Board

The PPJV Management Board provides broad oversight, support, guidance and financial support for the PPJV, working and taking action at local, regional and national levels in matters of land conservation, science, policy and legislative and funding issues that may impact the PPJV.

Board members are experienced and qualified administrators that represent the following agencies and organizations:

Tom Melius


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Bloomington, MN

Noreen Walsh


U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

Denver, CO

Steve Adair

Mark Albers

Paul Baicich

John Devney

Nick Faulkner

Ruso Ranch

Ruso, ND

Jim Faulstich

Daybreak Ranch

Highmore, SD

Neal Feekan

The Nature Conservancy

Minneapolis, MN

Robert Gleason

U.S. Geological Survey

Jamestown, ND

Matt Holland

Pheasants Forever, Inc

New Landon, MN

Skip Hyberg

Marshall Johnson