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Welcoming Lucinda Morris, Our New Communications Specialist

Lucinda joined the PPJV team as a Communications Specialist in August, a position which was made possible thanks to the partnership of Ducks Unlimited and NRCS. In large part, her mission here is two-fold: 1) bolster internal communications so we are more connected and more aware of the goings-on within the PPJV; and 2) expand external communications so we can bring our science to a broader constituency and build support for wetland and grassland habitat conservation at scale.

Lucinda grew up in the corn and soybean country of southern Illinois and graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a BS in Earth, Society, and Environmental Sustainability. From there, her career spanned the fields of climate studies, groundwater, public and private water systems, histology, and finally wildlife and habitat conservation. Although she is new to the Joint Venture world, Lucinda has previously developed and coordinated communications initiatives for universities, state agencies, conservation NGOs, and private companies alike, and is excited to apply these skills to her work with the PPJV. Lucinda recently graduated with an MS in Environmental Conservation from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, a program that emphasized interpersonal skills and an interdisciplinary approach to conservation. She credits the decision to seek a graduate degree to her time spent as an AmeriCorps member in rural Montana, which demonstrated the value of strong partnerships and community-based conservation.

In reflecting on her background, Lucinda remarks: “I’ve been fortunate to work in many different branches of conservation science and engage with many different audiences, but the importance of compelling, engaging communication is something I keep coming back to no matter where I am. I find myself always looking for new and innovative ways to complement traditional tools and take the impact of our communications to the next level. I’m especially excited to be joining the PPJV because it offers a combination of things that I’ve come to hold in high regard: strategic communication about actionable science and locally relevant, partner-driven habitat conservation for the benefit of both people and wildlife. What could be better than that?”

Outside of her professional life, Lucinda enjoys getting outside and taking advantage of the many ways to recreate in this beautiful landscape. As a lifelong violinist, she’s always on the search for new musical opportunities and is humbled to have played with the Bozeman, Helena, and Great Falls Symphony Orchestras as well as the Montana Ballet Company. Lucinda is currently located in Bozeman, MT, but is looking forward to joining the PPJV staff in Great Falls once the Benton Lake NWR office reopens. As she becomes familiar with the people, places, and projects of the PPJV, Lucinda will be sharing the story of our work on a regular basis. Recognizing that communication is a two-way street, she hopes to start building more connections with the PPJV’s partners, supporters, and friends, and would love to hear from you! Feel free to get in touch with her at

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