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The PPJV covers one-third of North America’s Prairie Pothole Region (PPR), including portions of Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, and Iowa. Just 20% of the grassland in the PPR is protected, which equates to only 6% of the historic extent of grassland area.

Welcome to the Duck Factory

The value of the U.S. PPR to breeding waterfowl is unsurpassed, with over 5 million duck pairs (10 million ducks!), representing over 18 species, supported by its wetland and grassland habitat. Waterfowl produced in this region have been harvested in 49 states as well as Central and South America.

Conservation through Partnerships

The Prairie Pothole Joint Venture stands out as one of the most robust, science-based Joint Ventures in the country. It is only through strong collaboration with partners and landowners that these accomplishments are possible.

Photo: Mitch Kezar for the SD Grassland Coalition and USDA-NRCS

Grassland Bird Habitat Conservation

The PPJV hosts 45-90% of the continental breeding populations of grassland birds, which are experiencing steep population declines. Loss of 200,000 acres of native grasslands in the last 30 years has made grassland birds one of the most imperiled guilds in North America.

Our Amazing Grasslands

As a family ranch, we are leaving something to the next generation, instead of just leaving them ground, we are leaving them an ecosystem that’s better off than when we had it. And I feel like that’s a bigger gift than just giving them a ranch because we’re giving them a ranch with the knowledge of what’s already in the ground.

- Abby Smikle, Herrick SD

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