A New Year and New Opportunities

Welcome to 2014! The beginning of a new year provides opportunity to reflect on the year past and plan for the year ahead. Looking back on 2013, the prairies experienced expansive loss of grass and wetlands at a rate unseen in recent memory. Consequently, considerable attention was focused on the PPJV and U.S. Prairie Pothole Region. Despite the attention, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the seemingly endless challenges. Fortunately, the dedicated and determined partners at the ground-level working with landowners are not easily overwhelmed, nor are those determining policy and making funding decisions in offices far removed from the prairie landscape. As we embark on 2014, let’s harness the attention focused on the prairies in 2013 and create grand opportunities for prairie conservation. Through your continued support and tireless dedication, the PPJV will continue its quest to make a positive and lasting difference for the wildlife, plants, and people who reap the benefits of your work!

In this edition of the PPJV e-newsletter, you will find our first in a series of “Partner Profiles” where we provide our incredible PPJV partners (in this issue Pheasants Forever) the forum to showcase their organization and the impressive conservation work they have accomplished on behalf of prairie conservation. A c