Sean Fields

Coordinator’s Corner: Keeping the Table Set

We find ourselves in a constant state of change within the Prairie Pothole Joint Venture, not only for priority species and the ongoing challenges of habitat conservation, but also in the partnership structure and opportunities. With recent turnover in PPJV Management Board co-chairs and partner representatives, and the impending transition to a new coordinator, it is timely to reflect on our origins to reaffirm our cooperative direction and goals. We are on the cusp of the fifth iteration of the North American Waterfowl Management Plan (NAWMP) and as one of the flagship Joint Ventures established in the original plan, our strength remains in breeding waterfowl conservation while recognizing the importance of the prairies to a multitude of other species and rural communities. Indeed, we thrive on leveraging the resources available for waterfowl conservation to benefit many other wetland and grassland dependent species. Today we often hear this described as Integrated Bird Conservation.

I recall the original context of Integrated Bird Conservatio