Ranchers Stewardship Alliance Honors Jacquelyn (Jacquie) Evans with 2024 Gold Star Award!

The Ranchers Stewardship Alliance (RSA) is proud to announce Jacquelyn (Jacquie) Evans as the recipient of the 2024 Gold Star Award. Evans, the Science Integration Specialist with the Prairie Pothole Joint Venture (PPJV), received this prestigious accolade on Wednesday, June 12, 2024, at the Matador Ranch Science Symposium.

The Gold Star Award is presented annually by the Ranchers Stewardship Alliance to individuals who have demonstrated exceptional commitment and achievement in conservation efforts.

Evans has showcased noteworthy dedication to working lands conservation, significantly benefiting wildlife habitat on a landscape scale. That commitment has translated into tangible benefits for regional ranchers, helping to direct $13.5 million in NRCS funds to on-the-ground projects.

In a supportive role to the RSA Conservation Committee, Evans’ scientific knowledge and programmatic leadership have assisted in collaborative momentum in converting expired Conservation Reserve Program land to grazing land, adding reliable livestock water sources to the landscape, actively restoring cropland to perennial vegetation, addressing conifer encroachment, and assisting with drought recovery initiatives.

These conservation efforts add complementary benefits for ranchers and wildlife alike, enhancing both the sustainability of working lands and the well-being of regional ecosystems and communities. It’s a win for the ranchers working alongside RSA and the populations of waterfowl, shorebirds, other waterbirds, and prairie landbirds that the PPJV strives to protect.

“We are honored to work beside Jacquie and are immensely grateful for her constant dedication,” said Martin Townsend, Conservation Coordinator of Ranchers Stewardship Alliance. “Her attention to detail and collaborative thinking have made a profound impact on our conservation efforts, and this award is a testament to her outstanding contributions.”

Going above and beyond her role as a member of the Conservation Committee, Evans also recently assisted in the job search and subsequent hiring of a mapping specialist at RSA. Her active role in the selection and interview process showcases her dedication to the mission of our nonprofit.

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