JV8 Central Grasslands Conservation Initiative

Within the Great Plains, eight JVs – representing over 72 federal, state, provincial, non-profit, and industry conservation partners – are collaborating to stem grassland losses and the negative impacts to grassland birds. This partnership spans the breeding, migration, and wintering habitats used by birds during their annual cycle in the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The JV8 is implementing conservation programs across this landscape of 500 million acres with the goal of reversing or stabilizing the decline of bird populations in the central grasslands of North America.

Great Plains Initiative

The NRCS Great Plains Grassland Initiative was launched in 2021 under the Working Lands for Wildlife Program as a framework for conservation action in the Great Plains grasslands biome. This framework addresses the two most severe and large-scale threats to the Great Plains biome: woodland expansion and land-use conversion. A top priority is conserving resilient and intact working rangelands, with the objective of addressing 1.4 million acres of identified threats to reduce grassland degradation. Visit your local NRCS office to learn more.