Photo by Richard Hamilton Smith

Partner Profile: The Nature Conservancy

For more than 50 years The Nature Conservancy has been working in the Prairie Pothole Region to protect the remaining grasslands and wetlands that are critically important to the nation’s migratory waterfowl, grassland birds, and resident wildlife. Further, these grasslands have and continue to serve as the economic cornerstone for the local ranching communities all while protecting the regions clean and abundant water supply.

With more than 1 million members The Nature Conservancy is one of the leading conservation organizations working around the world to address the most pressing conservation threats to nature and people. The Conservancy is a science-based, collaborative and non-confrontational nonprofit organization that looks for ways to protect nature so that all life will benefit from the services nature provides. It strategically targets its efforts by using a variety of tools such as land acquisition, conservation easements, preservation of working lands, collaboration with key partners, and developing creative financing to find pragmatic solutions to conservation challenges.

The Conservancy implements these strategies in a number of ways th