PPJV Implementation Plan Update: State Tactical Plans

We continue to diligently proceed as a partnership on developing the sideboards and content for the update to our 2005 PPJV Implementation Plan. This effort includes holding PPJV state-specific meetings with partners to coordinate and gather state specific information. (For more information, on the goals of the updated plan, see our Fall 2014 newsletter article.)

State-level step-down plans will be included in the updated Implementation Plan. These step-down plans, known as PPJV State Tactical Plans, will provide details on how the Implementation Plan goals and objectives for the four bird groups are implemented in each of the PPJV states. Led by the respective state wildlife management agencies and the PPJV Technical Committee, planning meetings have been held in Des Moines, Iowa; Pierre, South Dakota; and Bismarck, North Dakota. Meetings are currently being scheduled for June in Helena, Montana and Minneapolis, Minnessota to work with conservation partners on th