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  • The Prairie Pothole Region: An important region for breeding waterfowl populations in North America, as well as many shorebirds, waterbirds, and grassland songbirds. 
  • Prairie Pothole Landscape: Continued loss of wetlands and grasslands has made it the most threatened breeding waterfowl habitat in the U.S.  
  • Conservation Benefits People: Wetland and grassland conservation provides vital wildlife habitat, reduces nutrient loads in watersheds, and stores carbon to offset greenhouse gas emissions. Healthy grassland-wetland systems are also vital to a sustainable livestock industry for food production.
  • Scientific Foundations: Since its inception, the PPJV has used the best available science to guide habitat conservation programs and adapt to challenges.
  • Collaborative Conservation: Joint Ventures work for one simple reason: partners know they can achieve more through collaboration than they can alone.