A New Face to the PPJV Website

PPJV is proud to announce that our newly renovated website is live at! This website presents a fresh new face for the Joint Venture and highlights the urgent need for conservation in the region. Additionally, it demonstrates the value of this strong partnership of dedicated conservationists.

The website was designed following the guidance of the PPJV 2013-2017 Strategic Communications Plan, focusing on our key messages, audiences, and calls to action. It aims to establish a timely flow of information to the partners and others interested in staying up to speed on the Joint Venture.

The website offers much new functionality and content that we hope you’ll enjoy:

Thanks go to Daylight Studios for their excellent web design and development skills. Additionally, we’d like to thank all of the partners who provided content for the website.

If you have feedback or ideas for the PPJV website, contact PPJV Strategic Communications Consultant Ashley Dayer.

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