Partner Profile: South Dakota Dept. of Game, Fish, and Parks

South Dakota Department of Game, Fish, and Parks (SDGFP) has a long and highly successful history of working with private landowners to develop wetland and grassland habitat within the PPJV. As an active partner within the PPJV, SDGFP recognizes that the majority of wildlife habitat is held by private landowners, making successful partnerships with producers … Read more

Minnesota Benefiting Pollinators

In 2013, the Minnesota Legislature passed legislation (H.F 976) that included directives requiring the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to establish a pollinator habitat program. The legislation grew out of concern from commercial beekeepers witnessing catastrophic bee losses. As the legislation evolved and discussions continued, those involved realized it was more than just commercial … Read more

Revising the PPJV Implementation Plan

The backbone of each migratory bird joint venture is its implementation plan. The plan guides the actions and investments taken by the joint venture. The most recent PPJV plan is from 2005. We delayed revising our plan for several reasons, including a desire to see how climate change research evolved and to allow the revision … Read more

A Tool for Partners: The PPJV Fact Sheet

The fact sheet introduces the region, the Joint Venture, its solid science, its commitment to prairie conservation, the involvement of landowners, and the conservation benefits of the Joint Venture’s work. These fact sheets are designed to be a resources for PPJV staff, Management Board, Technical Committee, and partners. Use them to explain the Joint Venture … Read more

A New Year and New Opportunities

Welcome to 2014! The beginning of a new year provides opportunity to reflect on the year past and plan for the year ahead. Looking back on 2013, the prairies experienced expansive loss of grass and wetlands at a rate unseen in recent memory. Consequently, considerable attention was focused on the PPJV and U.S. Prairie Pothole … Read more

Partner Profile: Pheasants Forever

With a tagline of “The Habitat Organization” Pheasants Forever works with landowners and partners across the Prairie Pothole Joint Venture to protect critical grassland and wetland habitats that benefit a wide variety of migratory and resident wildlife including waterfowl and pheasants. Throughout the PPJV, when one does wetland and grassland conservation, the focal species within … Read more

A Closer Look at the Duck Stamp””

In March 1934, when FDR signed the bill to create the Duck Stamp, there were probably few folks who realized how crucial Stamp funding would become over the next 80 years. While the Migratory Bird Hunting and Conservation Stamp – as the Duck Stamp is officially called – is a functional Federal license for waterfowl … Read more

Quantifying the Extent of Human-modified Landscapes

Conservation agencies such as the United States Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) aim to protect, enhance, and/or restore function to ecosystems to maintain viable populations of terrestrial and aquatic wildlife, fisheries, and plants. However, the effectiveness of conservation actions to yield desired population outcomes within a particular ecosystem may be influenced by the degree and … Read more

A New Face to the PPJV Website

PPJV is proud to announce that our newly renovated website is live at! This website presents a fresh new face for the Joint Venture and highlights the urgent need for conservation in the region. Additionally, it demonstrates the value of this strong partnership of dedicated conservationists. The website was designed following the guidance of … Read more

Welcome to Pulse of the Prairies

You are receiving this e-newsletter as someone who may be interested in the prairies, migratory birds, other prairie dependent wildlife, the Prairie Pothole Joint Venture, or landscape science and conservation. As you read our first edition of e-news, we hope you find the articles of interest personally or professionally. We will continue to refine and … Read more

Conservation Planning in an Era of Change: State of the U.S. Prairie Pothole Region

Conservation organizations and agencies from across the country have committed to helping balance the needs of wildlife and people with the rapid conversion of wetlands and grasslands in the Prairie Pothole Region. Gathering in Bismarck, N.D. in June 2013, for a “Prairie Summit,” over 90 representatives of public agencies, conservation organizations, and conservation leaders discussed … Read more

Multi-partner Integrated Conservation Planning in Montana

Partners within the PPJV are developing an integrated system to prioritize landscape-scale habitats that have the highest biological value for priority bird species in the Montana portion of the PPJV. This effort is designed to achieve two goals: Showcase the biological value of the MT-PPJV area to the entire Joint Venture and conservation community. Strengthen … Read more