Prescribed Fire Rejuvenates Pollinator Plots and Private Land Habitat (video) The U.S. Geological Survey at Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center (NPWRC) has a robust history of studying pollinators and pollinator habitat demonstration plots to illustrate the multiple benefits these lands provide. Like our native prairies, pollinator habitat requires active management to thrive – without proper management, the ecological and economic value of the habitat … Read more

Secret Prairie Treasures: How small butterflies make a big impact for grassland conservation

While the monarch is iconic for its status as an imperiled butterfly, there are other less-known butterflies on the prairie that deserve just as much recognition for their status as prairie jewels: the prairie skippers. Like all butterflies, skippers have wings made of scales; when the sunlight reflects just right, these scales shine like brilliantly … Read more

Making a Modern-Day Treasure Map: the Hunt for the Dakota Skipper

The Dakota skipper is a small, threatened butterfly endemic to the northern Great Plains that is emblematic of undisturbed native mixed-grass and tallgrass prairie. It was first proposed for listing in 1978 due to population declines and range contraction from habitat loss and degradation, and in 2014 was listed as threatened under the U.S. Endangered … Read more

Welcoming Lauri Hanauska-Brown, Our New JV Coordinator

The PPJV is excited to announce that Lauri Hanauska-Brown has been selected to take up the mantle as the JV Coordinator after a monthslong search. With the PPJV partnership celebrating its 35th Anniversary in 2022, the coordinator plays a vital role in keeping this conservation engine running. Hanauska-Brown joins the team in a period of … Read more